“Where do I start? Virginia was my first experience with a life coach and boy, did she make things happen. I don’t know how, but her questions really got me thinking about what was holding me back from making changes in my life. Her insight was incredible, but what I really appreciated was that everything she did was directed at helping me to have a clear and honest picture of my self and my situation, so that I could make my own decisions, develop a plan for carrying them out, and then (here is the real miracle) actually following through.Virginia helped me to see where my priorities lay. Her questions helped me to put together a plan for reasonably tackling the old clutter in my life, so that I was in a position to move forward. The gentle but effective accountability Virginia put in place, really helped me to get the job done. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– N. M.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

It has been extremely helpful to finally work with a specialized coach. Virginia is helping me develop new strategies to ensure I am working effectively and that I deliver (ideally, over-deliver) on expectations.

– C.O.B.


“Virginia can lift you when you need it, tell you straight when you need it, and offer insights that clarify an often cloudy life picture. I have used her in the past, present and will continue to do so in the future. A more patient and caring ear not to be found anywhere.”

– W.A.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

 “I am honored to endorse Coach Virginia Hurley, EdD. Virginia is an expert in the Strengths aspect of Positive Psychology that has proven to be a very effective specialty approach with her adult ADHD clients. TimeSavor Coaching is Virginia’s warm, safe and caring approach that’s ‘Just Right.’”

– C.M.


“Dr. Hurley has been a career coach for her entire career in education and private practice. She is a life-long learner, focused on self-improvement as well as providing the best service using the most up-to-date techniques and research.

Dr. Hurley is incredibly punctual, knowing that her clients’ time is a precious commodity. Her sense of humor helps to put clients at ease allowing her to help meet their needs by reaching the core of their career desires, while her integrity allows the client to understand that their needs are important to her.

I highly recommend Dr. Virginia Hurley as a life, career, and ADHD coach.”

– J.M.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Being in the business of transforming people’s lives requires a portfolio of skills, knowledge, and personality traits. Virginia is one of the few unique individuals who are proud owners of such a package.

She is extremely well-familiar with positive psychology research, and follows the trends and the new studies closely. She maintains a broad and deep knowledge of ADHD research, and constantly refines her practice based on what science is discovering. But above her knowledge and her vast experience, she intuitively understands people and the secret sauce that is needed to get perform a genuine and lasting change in one’s life.”

– R.Z.


“I have been very fortunate to work with Dr. Virginia Hurley. She has been able to provide insightful suggestions and techniques that have helped me to focus and improve both my work and personal life.

She has an amazing presence which exudes knowledge along with warmth, compassion, uncanny wit and humor. All of these qualities make her an ideal coach. I look forward to continue working with Dr. Hurley and would recommend her as a coach.”

– A.A.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Virginia is an excellent presenter who combines expertise with compassion and humor. I have benefited from her insights into relationships and ADD. Articulate and warm, she has a gift for making difficult concepts accessible with her narratives and metaphors.”

– G.S.


“I know Virginia from Mentor Coach training and workshops. She was always extremely well-prepared and knowledgeable. She has particular expertise in ADHD and special needs students and adults. She is an excellent communicator, a perceptive listener and an innovative problem-solver. She has my solid recommendation.”

– T.G.


“I knew Virginia to be an energetic, ethical, bright and diligent person who brought those traits to every task she managed. Plus she did it all with good humor. She was a pleasure to be with. And she could be trusted to be skillful in all she did.”

– M.S.K.


“Virginia is a vibrant and intelligent individual who has always displayed keen insights into life’s many challenges. I would strongly recommend her as a life coach.”

– L.R.


“Virginia not only manages to make intellectual connections that others might miss, she brings a fabulous sense of humor to the process!”

– C.A.M.


“You’re an amazing coach, a wonderful, kind person, and you’ve definitely gone beyond the call of duty, You’re awesome!”

– D.P.


“Thank you for helping to make the coaching opportunity possible for me. It is really beginning to make a difference. I don’t think I had appreciated the impact that someone with this specialization could have on the way I approach and deliver on my work. It has been an eye-opener for me.”

– C.O


Testimonials from Colleagues

“I attended the ADDA Conference in Detroit and found Virginia’s class on self-compassion and willpower. I was so glad I did! In her presentation, she shared practical and easy steps for self-compassion. Not only did I learn the steps taken for self-compassion,but also the neuroscience and research behind those steps. This is a strategy I have used and also share with my clients.

I attended 9 different sessions that weekend, and found the information shared by Virginia relevant to my own personal work and also for the work of my clients. The research she shared about compassion was important to all people, but especially those with ADHD!

Thanks, Virginia, for your deep understanding of research and ability to share complex ideas in a way that makes sense!”

– DeShawn Wert, ADDA Member and conference participant


“Dr. Hurley brings decades of experience working with those with ADHD. She combines this with her expertise in Mindfulness, positive psychology, resiliency, and teaching. with her compassion, understanding, creativity, and patience.

Dr. Hurley is well known in the ADHD community for her interpersonal effectiveness. In short, she daily demonstrates the knowledge, techniques, and compassion—delivered in just the right cocktail — that is both motivating and educating to clients and colleagues.

I am truly confident that those seeking positive and permanent change will find in her coaching, the skills AND support they need to EXCEED the goals they have to improve life experiences.”

 – Geri Kraynak, MS, EdS, Certified School Psychologist


“Dr. Virginia Hurley is a bona fide expert in the field of positive psychology. She demonstrates the positive side of life with her energy, enthusiasm, and unrelenting commitment to her clients. In my class she generously shared her ideas and made a difference for her colleagues. I highly recommend Virginia as a coach and presenter.”

– C.M.


“Dr. Hurley embodies the principles of Positive Psychology in her coaching. With her you get the perfect mix of humor, compassion, skill and energy, plus the benefit of her immense experience.”

– D.S.


“Virginia is whip smart with a great sense of humor. Her in-depth knowledge and ability to apply it in many diverse situations makes her an asset to the ADHD community. Not only am I lucky to have crossed paths with her, I learn from her with every interaction.”

– Abigail Wurf, M.Ed., CLC, Abigail Wurf Coaching, LLC, Washington DC


“Compassionate and sincere in assisting our parents with understanding some of the issues that their children with executive functioning deficits face in school and life.”

– Helen Davis, Westchester Community Special Education PTA