From Dr. Charles Parker

A Holiday Mind and Gut Playlist

After filling your plate this holiday season with delicious food, you may have noticed that you don’t feel very well. This is something most of us deal with this time of year. In order to bring relief we let out a great sigh, take off our belt or change into the first pair of sweatpants we can find. However, for some, a change in wardrobe cannot bring the relief needed from these holiday meals. From “brain fog” to medication issues, what we put into our gut can affect our mind in numerous ways.

Below we have included a link to a playlist of videos discussing the Mind and Gut, which explains in detail the reactions not only in your stomach, but in your brain as well. This is a great time to remember to take care of yourself, and we hope that by providing you with this playlist you can make it through the holidays with your belt in place and your sweatpants left in your drawer.

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Happy Holidays!
The Corepsych Team

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