Time Management Tools for ADHD

Mindfulness & ADHD

Imagine someone with ADHD hearing the word “mindful” for the first time: “’Mind-fullness, with ADHD’? Why would I want to learn how to make my mind any more full than it already is?? I have flocks of thoughts taking up way too much space in there already. ‘No thanks’ to making my mind even more full!!” It makes more sense to say, “Mindful awareness of the present moment.” It’s using natural distractions to develop focus power! Curious? Please join us to find out why this works, and how to give it a try.



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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


ADHD Awareness Coalition to Fight Misperceptions During ADHD AWARENESS MONTH
Local expert on ADHD, Dr. Virginia Hurley, joins with the ADHD Awareness coalition to help facilitate awareness and solutions for those affected by ADHD.

ADHD Awareness Month is an international movement to educate the public and create greater awareness
and understanding about attention deficit disorder. “In our coaching practice, our goal is to help bring awareness to ADHD issues in the workplace. We want to bring information to managers and employees
about what can make things even better,” said Dr. Virginia Hurley, of TimeSavor Coaching, LLC.

TimeSavor Coaching, LLC of Somers, NY and the ADHD Awareness Coalition will recognize ADHD
Awareness Month throughout October 2014 by joining with millions of adults, families, and c
hildren living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as health care professionals, psychologists, and other thought leaders, to promote greater awareness about ADHD.


Actions You Can Take This Week to Raise ADHD Awareness:

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3. Use the ADHD Awareness Month Calendar to plan an activity in your community.  Post your event to reach a vast audience.

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