ADHD Awareness Month 2014: It’s Almost Here

Time to start thinking about ADHD Awareness Month  – October, 2014.

October, 2014 is ADHD Awareness Month. What can you expect this year from TimeSavor Coaching, LLC?

First: Check out Dr. Virginia Hurley on the Guest Expert Blog. Go to ImpactADHD (

Then: Listen to Dr. Virginia Hurley and host Linda Roggli on Wednesday, October 8th, on the  up-coming ADDA webinar:

For right now: Let’s consider the theme for this year’s 25th Anniversary ADDA Conference, “ADHD Awareness is a Year Round Effort.”

One way to consider ADHD Awareness all year long …

… is to promote understanding of how things work for people with this kind of brain wiring. Not everybody has enough information on ADHD. Other people have too much mis-information on ADHD.

For those times when we ARE considering “Awareness” as sharing good, current information

… here are some ideas that should get around.

  • People with ADHD have a brain that evolution has wired differently for the survival of humankind!!
  • It’s not “bad” to be wired differently. It’s just part of “neurodiversity”!!
  • ADHD is not a moral failing!
  • People with ADHD are just as smart as everybody else, that is,  the “neurotypicals.”
  • They often find certain tasks more difficult, boring, or frustrating than most do
  • They often find other tasks very easy and absorbing, more than most do
  • People with ADHD can be creative, whole, decisive, curious, courageous, and productive
  • They can be good employees and managers, good teachers and students, good partners and parents, and successful at many professions
  • Adults, not just children, can have ADHD
  • There is help available for times when individuals and families struggle with ADHD symptoms (for example, ADHD Coaches Organization,

BUT —There are other ways to consider the meaning of “ADHD Awareness” all year long…

Besides sharing good, current information, “awareness” also means …

Mindful Awareness of the Present” for People with ADHD

  • People with ADHD can BUILD their capacity for FOCUS through mindful awareness of the present.  Yes, this is for real!
  • People with ADHD can relax their over-worked brain, (check out “amygdala”) through mindful awareness of the present
  • People with ADHD can BUILD their sense of gratitude and happiness through mindful awareness of the present.
  • Learning about being in the present moment can keep chaotic thoughts about the future off the brain’s “clip board” for a while — a very good thing
  • All the above OPENS the mind to a less stressful mental state
  • A more open mind leads to more activation of the thinking-judging-doing part of the brain, called the “Prefrontal Cortex” – the brain’s CEO!


Mindset for People with ADHD

Mindset is another important concept for people with ADHD. The simplest way to talk about mindset is to say, once upon a time, an understand of how your world operates worked for you.  Accurate or not, you bought into it completely, and that’s the way it is now.  It’s reality for you. It’s set in your mind. And for a while, maybe for always, it helped your ability to survive in your own personal circumstances. The understandings about the way things work that you bought into as a child with ADHD may very well hold you back as an adult with ADHD. When these understandings stop being helpful, don’t match your current reality too well, you have conflict in your mind, and stress within your body. Not so good for ADHD-wired brains. What are some common ADHD-mindset stuck thoughts? The following is a stuck mindset “Credo” that may have a familiar “ADHD” ring to it: I believe…”

  • …I’m stupid and can’t do well.  My teachers all told me so.
  • …I’m lazy.  My parents told me so.
  • …I have a bad character because I’m always late.
  • …I’m a poor employee.  My manager told me so.
  • …That the following words are my destiny: “never will change,” “can’t focus,” “can’t be on time,” “no hope for me,” “all alone.”

When people with ADHD becomes aware of there own stuck thinking, they take the first step in getting “un-stuck.” It IS possible to change the narrative that goes on inside us. Mindful Awareness, and Mindset are two ways to think about how to make life easier for people in the ADHD community.

These are two of the major features of the TimeSavor Coaching approach to Life Coaching and specialized ADHD Coaching. To find out more contact: *



Heidi Grant Halvorson and Carol Dweck really go into this in very helpful detail.  For more, please see: Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals by Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D. et al. Link: and Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck Link:

* Look for TimeSavor Coaching’s Mindfulness and Mindset webinars during ADHD Awareness Month, October, 2014.

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Mindful Awareness of the Present
Mindful Awareness of the Present

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