ADHD Coaching Services

TimeSavor Coaching addresses the special goals and concerns held by those with time management and ADHD-related issues.

With a focus on cognitive neuroscience studies in will power and self-compassion, and wellness and nutrition, TimeSavor Coaching applies wellness, willpower and positive psychology practices to support the needs of ADHD clients that include adult professionals in all business sectors as well as teens and college students.

Acclaim for Dr. Hurley

"I highly recommend Dr. Virginia Hurley as a life, career, and ADHD coach.ā€ - J.M.

"She is an excellent communicator, a perceptive listener and an innovative problem-solver. She has my solid recommendation.ā€ - T.G.

Recent Publications

TimeSavor Coaching: A Positive Psychology Approach to ADHD is an easily accessible handbook for practitioners and clients. It was written for those with time management and ADHD issues.

This handbook illustrates a unique combination of Applied Positive Psychology and Co-Active Coaching.

Using narrative prompts, gratitude exercises, and the time management principles of savoring, this approach changes client focus from what goes wrong to what can be ā€œeven better if.ā€